Shemaiah Barton Health Coach

Functional Medicine, Gut Health / Digestive Health, Keto, Personalized Wellness Plans, and Weight Loss



I became an Ayurvedic Health Educator in 2010 and then graduated with a degree from UCSD in Nano Engineering. I have blended this ancient Indian wisdom with cutting edge research to help my self and my clients with both mind and body aspects of their health and wellness journeys. I spent years discovering what was at the root cause of my own health challenges which is why I am so passionate in helping others discover what is keeping them from living a vibrant life! I specialize in helping you ending sugar cravings and eliminate candida. I am deeply interested in optimizing gut health using functional nutrition which can impact everything from your mood and hormones to joint pain and allergies. I believe that you deserve to live a joyful, healthy life and I work hard to help you find the emotional and physical blocks that are keeping you from your best life!

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