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Neville Wellness

Hi! I’m Danielle, a certified holistic health coach, or what I like to refer to as “Your Rebel Wellness Coach” 


I support working moms tune into the wisdom of their bodies, discovering what works best for them and their lifestyle so they rebuild their energy, feel incredible and show up more powerfully in all areas of their lives. 


I specialize in hormone health and learning to let our bodies lead, rebelling against all the external noise out there that tells us everything we “should” be doing!  I believe we deserve to take care of ourselves like someone we love.  When we tune into our bodies and discover what really works for us and our bodies, it all becomes so much easier to achieve what we desire for our health! Life is not meant to be so hard. 


After going through my own health journey, reversing the conditions I had been diagnosed with and discovering how better to support myself naturally through peri-menopause and menopause, I left my 24 year career as a global benefit consultant so that I could support other working moms on their health journeys, empowering them to find what works for them long-term and create a ripple effect of women taking care of themselves, and realizing how much better they show up in all areas of their lives by doing so. 


I offer 3 month and 6 month customized 1:1 coaching programs as well as 3 month small group coaching programs.  My next small group coaching program will kick off in mid-September.

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